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SPARKLERS for Squares (S4S) Mini SET of 20 colors PLAIN Quantity: approx 550 pcs/color

All SPARKLERS are made of glass and add extra sparkle and pizazz to any area that you wish to highlight.

Folks kept asking for a set of SPARKLERS for Squares (S4S), and we listened.  Although these glass drills are ROUND in shape, they are sized PERFECTLY to fit onto a SQ DP space. Enjoy!

2Lt Blue12Red
5Lt Green15Lt Pink
6Emerald16Lt Peach
10Dk Amethyst20Capri Blue

Also, we have invented the term “SPARKLERS” and are in the process of having this name trademarked.  Therefore if you see this term used/mentioned by any other sellers/suppliers, then they have stolen our name. Even the majority of our SPARKLER’S names are created by our team to try to correctly describe the color of drills you will be getting.

Use these SPARKLERS for Squares (S4S) along with Crystals, Half Pearls, Quad Cubes, Jellies, Glow drills and AB drills to add extra depth and dimension and accent any diamond painting that you already own.   It will be your own UNIQUE creation!  I often use all 7 varieties of drills on a single DP!

No color is guaranteed to stay in stock forever.  Some will be based on availability of our suppliers. We suggest that you buy enough drills at one purchase to complete your project.

PLEASE NOTE: Even SPARKLERS have different runs/dye lots and coatings, so they may be different from one batch to the next. Please use photo for reference, but know that computer monitors may distort the color. Thanks for your understanding in these matters.


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Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 1 in


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