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SQUARE GLOW Drill DMC 310 Black 10 grams per bag.

(approx. 1900 drills)

These drills glow green in the dark! (see picture)

**They do NOT glow as bright as the 5200, and will need to be charged with bright light.  Try an CFL bulb, cell phone light or best yet a black light/UV if you are having trouble getting these to glow.

The coating process of the glow drills cause them to be very staticky.

We were one of the FIRST in the market to supply Glow drills outside of a kit!

Use to enhance areas that you want to GLOW once the lights go out.  Be creative and have FUN!

No color is guaranteed to stay in stock forever.  Some will be based on availability of our suppliers. We suggest that you buy enough drills at one purchase to complete your project.

PLEASE NOTE: The color may vary in each production run. The DMC color number chart is universal, however dye lots may vary with every manufacturer; sometimes even different batches with the same manufacturer are different. Unfortunately, we have no control over these issues. Please use photo for reference, but know that computer monitors may distort the color. Thanks for your understanding in these matters.


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Weight0.65 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 2.5 × .25 in


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