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Welcome to our site! My oldest daughter introduced me to the newer craft of Diamond Painting September 2018; I’ve been addicted ever since.  I started customizing each of my canvases with SPARKLERS, and when I discovered round-tipped tweezers, my husband thought it would be a good idea to start selling both of these items to help pay for my new hobby.  We started out with just 3 products and a FB page, then sent some samples to a handful of YouTubers.  The response has been overwhelming as we’ve reached over 11K members in our Facebook group-Diamond Painting with SPARKLERS. With so many orders coming in, we needed to launch this much needed website.  We now offer SPARKLERS, AB drills (round & Square), Crystals/Rhinestones (round & square), Glow drills, Neon drills, Special Shaped drills (Quad Cubes & Half Pearls), Hot Spotters (cover minders), stickers, resin drill pens, tweezers, and much more including our own legally licensed kits to enhance your diamond painting experience. Our products can be used on any DP you already own to add depth & dimension, as well as shimmer & shine! They allow you to customize your diamond paintings in order to create something uniquely yours. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page below and share pictures of how you’ve used SPARKLERS in your paintings!

Always remember, have fun and NEVER let anyone dull your SPARKLE!?

Yours truly,
Teemaw/Tina Burney and occasionally “The Drill Dealer” 🙂





Welcome to Our World! 

This is what it looks like working together as a family! I’ve been blessed with 11 children, with only 6 still living at home. The drills come in kilogram packages, and have to be re-bagged into 10 grams baggies.  LOTS of hands-on time to get these items ready for our customers.