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Hot Spotter Oval Purple Flower Oval 20mm

What is a Hot Spotter?  They are beautiful (hence the word “Hot”) little, pieces of art with magnets that hold back the top cover of your diamond painting, therefore giving you an extra hand to help “Spot” you while you work! They are also known as Cover Minders.


Hot Spotters have 2 powerful, rare earth, Neodymium, magnets.  One magnet is glued to the backside of the resin/acrylic piece, and the other magnet either goes under your cover or the entire canvas, enhancing your crafting experience.


By the way, no design is guaranteed to stay in stock forever.  Once it is sold out, it may be gone for good!

NOTE: if you happen to lose one of the magnets, you can easily use a metal washer in its place!

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