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Crystal Drill DMC *GLOW JELLY* 5200 Snow White  

14 grams/bag (approx. 3000 drills)

NOTE: The bags have too many silver and deformed drills in them, therefore we are discounting by 25%!!

These are termed jellies because of their semi-transparent look.  There may be various shades of colors in these jellies with their special nature that will add a very unique look to your work of art!

Use these crystals/rhinestones along with SPARKLERS and AB drills to add extra depth and dimension to any diamond painting that you already own.

I often use all 3 varieties of drills on a single DP!

COLORS MAY VARY – The DMC color number chart is universal, however dye lots may vary with every manufacturer sometimes even different batches with the same manufacturer are different. Unfortunately, we have no control over the shades of drills provided by our suppliers. Please use photo for reference, but know that computer monitors may distort the color.  Also note that although our crystals/rhinestones do have DMC numbers, they will vary slightly from regular/normal/standard drills due to their transparent nature.


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Weight .65 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × .25 in


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